The newly elected President of "Javakhk" Patriotic Union Shirak Torosyan presented in detail the problems Javakhk faces and suggested possible ways of resolution of these. According to him, the most painful today is, most probably, the issue of the status of Javakhk, regarding which the opinions are diverse. The President of the Union is confident that there is no need to undertake extreme measures. It is solely necessary to raise the level of self-governance in Javakhk, providing corresponding liabilities to local authorities of Javakhk, which will make it possible to resolve a number of issues locally. "The problem of the status of Javakhk gradually deepens, since the decisive steps are undertaken by interested sides," Shirak Torosyan said. According to him, Javakhk should become a factor normalizing Armenian-Georgian relations, not a worsening one.

Aside from the issue of teaching Armenian in the schools of Javakhk and preservation of historical monuments, the emphasis is put today on the social conditions of Javakhk Armenians.

The issue of Kars-Akhalkalak railway in the framework of Georgian-Turkish relations has found itself among the numerous problems Javakhk faces. Shirak Torosyan said this railway can resolve a number of social problems in Javakhk.

Nevertheless, since it directly counters Armenia's interests, Javakhk Armenians defend the position of Armenia in this issue.