A1+ [06:46 pm]
14 June, 2006

"Javakhq is an Armenian region with Armenian population in the Georgian territory. Javakhq must contribute to the development of the Armenian-Georgian relations and not spoil them", said Shirak Torosyan, the head of the patriotic union "Javakhq" during the news conference with the journalists. He was worried about the recent problems in the region.

According to Mr. Torosyan, one of the problems of the Armenians in Javakhq is the preservation of their mother tongue. There are a hundred Armenian schools in Javakhq, but the Georgian authorities demand that all the subjects be taught in Georgian. "If the mother tongue is banned, the people start to feel an antipathy towards the foreign language", he said. As for the possibility of investments in Javakhq by Armenians of the Diaspora, Shirak Torosyan said, "No one will make investments in an area where there is no electricity, no roads and other substructures. If the above mentioned problems are solved, not only the Armenians, but also others will make investments in the region."