The situation in Javakhk should not be aggravated, constructive works should be done for the Armenian and Georgian authorities to find a common denominator as a result of discussions of some issues.

Shirak Torosian, Chairman of the Javakhk compatriotic union, made such a statement at the June 14 press conference. According to him, the governments of Armenia and Georgia should together determine the ways of solution of problems of Javakhk for Javakhk "not to become a factor in the hands of some forces." Sh.Torosian also said that they should not run to extremes: today we should secure raising of the level of Javakhk's self-government and giving its powers to independently solve some problems, for a budget of its own to be formed, within the framework of which it will be possible to solve some cultural, financial and technical problems. "If in the future the Republic of Georgia by its Constitution makes a decision to change the administrative-territorial structure and to have the structure of a federal state, it will be right if Javakhk also has a status of autonomy," the speaker emphasized. In connection with withdrawing the Russian military base from the territory of Georgia Shirak Torosian expressed anxiety that this will deprive residents of Javakhk of hundreds of jobs. Besides, the population feels itself safer with the Russian military base being in Georgia.

According to Sh.Torosian, now the main administrative-civil bodies are moved to Akhaltska, so, they are moved away from the Javakhk population and power structures are brought to Javakhk. "Two power structures have been created in Javakhk lately, one is the gendarmerie, the other the military police. A question emerges: if there are no Georgian military units in Javakhk, why is a military police created?" the Speaker emphasized at the same time expressing an opinion that by means of this the Georgians wish to destabilize the situation in Javakhk in order "to appropriate Javakhk in the political and military respect." As for the Kars-Akhalkalak railway, according to Sh.Torosian, the Armenians of Javakhk are against its construction as this is not in the interests of Armenia. Shirak Torosian gave assurance that it will be possible to smooth over Armenian-Georgian contradictions within the framework of bilateral negotiations and discussions, as a result of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two states.