06 June, 2006

The working meeting on the theme "the forum of dialogues on Samtskhe-Javakhq issues in the framework of the Armenian-Georgian relations" was held in Akhalqalaq which was organized by the Caucasus Media Institute (Yerevan), the Caucasus Institute of Peace, Development and Democracy (Tbilisi) and the Union of NGOs "Yerkir"(Yerevan). The key issues of the meeting were the current situation of Javakhq and the prospects of the Armenian-Georgian relations.

All the Armenian participants laid the stress on the appalling state of Javakhq and claimed that the best solution of the situation is self-government which will become a cultural, political, economic and social guarantee for the region.

The Georgian participants of the meeting (Gia Nodia, Dia Andguladze) also underlined the urgent necessity to improve the situation but they didn't offer any distinct ways. In the second part of the meeting it was decided to convene a session on the matter in autumn and to hold a consultation of corresponding state bodies which will contribute the solution of the matter, according to "A-Info" agency.