The situation in Tsalka is calm

25.03.2006 13:51

After the known March 9 events in Ghushchi village of Georgia the
number of military units of the Ministry of Interior Affairs deployed
in Tsalka region was added, a criminal case was launched.

Head of Administration of Tsalka region Vardo Yeghoyan said in his
phone talk with `Radiolur' correspondent Alisa Gevorgyan that the
military units of the Georgian Ministry of Interior Affairs are
currently in Tsalka. In the initial stage these had created some
difficulties in the region. However, the situation is much calmer

`Today the situation is calm, but if the trial of the case of
murdering the Armenian young man proceeds in an unfair way, we shall
raise a wave of protest,' Vardo Yeghoyan said, adding that they do not
connect hopes with the fairness of the judicial bodies.

Currently five men are under arrest. Gevorg Gevorgyan's murderer has
already confessed his guilt.

To remind, on March 9 a severe murder was registered in Tsalka. Gevorg
Gevorgyan, 23-year-old Armenian resident of Ghushchi village was
knifed in one of the crowded sites of the administrative center, two
others were injured and hospitalized