Demand For Autonomy Within Georgia is Inalienable Right of Inhabitants of Javakh,
Yerevan Conference Participants Underline


Noyan Tapan
Feb 14 2006

The participants of the student and youth conference "Javakhk in Face of Challenges of the 21 Century" expressed their concern that the Samtskhe-Javakhk region with its predominantly Armenian population is deprived of the Georgian state's care, which has resulted in numerous political, socioeconomic, cultural and educational problems in the region.

"Being concerned about the regional stability and maintaining the territorial integrity of Georgia, the Armenians of Javakhk at the same time aim to protect their own rights, which both the Georgian legislation and the country's commitments to international structures have given them," the statement adopted by the conference participants reads.

The participants underlined the Javakhk inhabitants' legal demand for autonomy within Georgia is their inalienable right and should not trouble neither the Georgian nor the Armenian authorities. "The Javakhk inhabitants' demand for autonomy within Georgia gives them the guarantees to life freely and develop in their own language and culture, which will undoubtedly be conducive to the stability and development of Georgia," the statement says. The student and youth organizations - participants of the conference "Javakhk in Face of Challenges of the 21 Century" held in Yerevan on February 14 on the initiative of the ARF student union "Nikol Abelian" expressed a willingness to take part in the activities aimed at achieving the above mentioned goals.