Noyan Tapan Armenians Today
Dec 05 2006

Conditional imprisonment with one and a half-year term was defined on December 4 by the verdict of the Court of First Instance of the region of Shirak issued towards Vahagn Chakhalian, a chairmanship member of the "United Javakhk" democratic alliance, accused of illegally passing the state border of Armenia.

This is said in the information spread by the "Javakhk" Council on December 4. According to the message, "a little after making the verdict public, V.Chakhalian, coming back to Yerevan, was stopped by employees of the Shirak Police and said that they had an order to immediately deport him from the country, but they did not present any legal basis for it.

The regional police chief refused categorically the variant proposed by the attorney of V.Chakhalian to take the latter's wife, an expectant mother, and leave for Javakhk on the next day." The "Javakhk" Council most strictly condemns the continuous political persecution carried out by the RA authorities towards Javakhk national figure V.Chakhalian.

Taking into consideration that circumstance that during the days spent in Yerevan, some false actions were brought against V.Chakhalian in Akhalkalak, this shameful fact of illegal deportation may be qualified as "giving an Armenian to a foreign state," is said in the information of the "Javakhk" Council.