Regnum, Russia
Oct 25 2006


Armenia's position in relations with Georgia should be clear-cut and tough. New Time opposition party leader Aram Karapetyan made the announcement at a news conference on October 25.

According to him, "the current situation with Javakh (Javakheti, Armenian-populated area in Georgia - REGNUM) is a result of lack of a clear action plan by the Armenian authorities." "It is necessary to present the question and claims in a tough way. If we solve the Javakh issue on conditions favorable for Georgia, it should be pre-conditioned that the Georgian side settles all the problems of the Armenian-speaking population: teaching in Armenian, Armenian-speaking TV-channel, and other issues," he notes. Besides, as Karapetyan stresses, the issue of transit roads is to be determined by a special article in all intergovernmental treaties, which will result in final settlement of the problem.

As Aram Karapetyan says, Armenia's leadership avoids harshness, as they are afraid of Mikhail Saakashvili, thinking that if the Georgian leader is "pro-American," it is necessary to be in "good relations" with him. For the reason of those "good relations," he notes, the republican authorities practically yielded 6,000 km of its own territories. "The current authorities are unable to comprehend one thing: last for power should not be the basis for such an affair," the party leader concludes.