Lragir.am, Armenia
Oct 25 2006

The Statement of United Javakheti Democratic Alliance

In answer to the statements of the deputy leader of the Hzor Hayrenik Party Shirak Torosyan in the October 24 edition of the Iravunk Newspaper, United Javakheti Democratic Alliance, realizing its responsibility for the stability in Javakheti and the protection of the national and civil rights of the Armenian population, considering the dangerous situation in the region, condemns the efforts of several marginal political sets and the criminal groups, which joined them, to dissolve the alliance and stain its activities.

In Javakheti, which remained within independent Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, different forces emerged to defend the political and civil rights of the Armenian population of Javakheti but were unable to unite and direct the potential of the Armenians of Javakheti at the urgent and effective settlement of the problems of this region.

At the same time, certain people living in Armenia and pursuing their personal goals in the political sphere of Armenia, who joined the Hzor Hayrenik Party, have succeeded in manipulating the feelings of the citizens of Armenia from Javakheti in their constant efforts to enter the National Assembly.

United Javakheti condemns the efforts of these people, who are members of the Hzor Hayrenik Party, to use Javakheti for their own interests confined to Armenia. The fact that the deputy leader of the Hzor Hayrenik Party, a certain "international expert" Shirak Torosyan has usurped the post of the president of the Javakhk Union of Compatriots is unacceptable from the point of view of the elementary rules of political ethic. The alliance commends the wish of Javakhk Union of Compatriots to assist in settling the problems of the Armenians of Javakheti. Nevertheless, Javakhk Union of Compatriots cannot remain a toy in the hands of the leadership of the Hzor Hayrenik Party, suffering from political and ideological bancruptcy.

United Javakheti considers the efforts of the Hzor Hayrenik Party to monopolize the right to act on behalf of the Armenians of Javakheti as groundless and destructive.

United Javakheti Democratic Alliance condemns the politically dangerous and intolerable efforts of the leadership of the Hzor Hayrenik to interfere with the home political developments in Javakheti and control them from Yerevan. The alliance warns that this political party will be accountable for the possible destabilization of the situation in the region.

United Javakheti Democratic Alliance condemns the efforts to denigrate the alliance in the Armenian media. Using the unawareness of the public in Armenia, primitive and condemnable efforts are made to distort the reality. Unfortunately, the Hzor Hayrenik Party has again taken up an underlying role in these processes. The local elections in Javakheti on October 5 were marred by brazen cases of electoral fraud, and the assertions of the Hzor Hayrenik Party about the "absolute victory" of the "pro-Armenian forces" in the elections are a vivid example of moral decay. (For instance, how can an election be considered as democratic, if communities with 7000 voters and 100 voters send an equal number of delegates to the "sakrebulo"?)

Over two years of its activities United Javakheti has displayed resolve to defend the security and the civil rights of the Armenians of Javakheti and has earned the trust of the population. "30 percent" of United Javakheti despite the administrative resource used by the government of the country and the immoral campaign conducted by their local proxies, shows the real importance of United Javakheti for the population. United Javakheti Democratic Alliance is convinced that the Armenian government will reconsider the decision on the arrest of Vahagn Chakhalyan, a leader of the Alliance, provoked by certain marginal forces and on an absurd charge.