20 October, 2006

"Javakhq is not on sale", "Freedom to Vahagn Chakhalyan" - these were the posters with which members and confederates of union "United Javakhq" went on a sit-down strike in the park opposite the RA National Security Service, near the statue of Nalbandyan.

They demanded to set free one of their heads, Vahagn Chakhalyan, who was arrested on October 11 for crossing the border of Armenia illegally and sentenced to two months' imprisonment. The participants of the strike think that arresting Chakhalyan, the RA authorities support the Georgian authorities to suppress the movement of Armenians in Javakhq. According to representative of "United Javakhq" Edgar Peleshyan, the RA authorities accuse Vahagn Chakhalyan, "a patriotic boy who does everything to make the situation in Javakhq more stable", trying to solve their political problems.

The participants of the strike consider the arrest of Chakhalyan the result of "Armenian-Georgian conspiracy". They announced that they will go on with their strike until Vahagn Chakhalyan is set free.