Noyan Tapan News Agency, Armenia
Oct 16 2006

Vahagn Chakhalian, a member of the "United Javakhk" ("Miasnakan Javakhk") democratic faction chairmanship was arrested on October 11 by employees of the RA National Security Service. "United Javakhk" informed about it in the October 13 statement. Presenting themselves as police employees, they invited V.Chakhalian to the police department as a victim, but take him to the Special Security Service isolator. As it is mentioned in the statement, V.Chakhalian was presented "accusation for illegally crossing the RA state border."

Based on the accusation mentioned on October 13, the Court of First Instance of the Kentron and Nork-Marash communities of Yerevan made a decision to use arrest as a prevention mean towards V.Chakhalian. "Especially the circumstance causes indignation that instead of examining and revealing dangerous criminals committed the act of violence against V.Chakhalian, subjected to hooligan attack and got serious bodily injuries, the latter's family as well as faction member Gurgen Shirinian, the victim is being pursued with false accusations. The mentioned circumstance obviously proves presence of direct tie between the act of violence committed against V.Chakhalian and arrest followed it and some forces' order," the statement authors mention.

"United Javakhk" is anxious that future events may bring to dangerious and unforeseen developments. "Vahagn's absence and the successive attempts to liguidate the faction with firm means strike heavy blows to the present system securing stability in Javakhk, in which "United Javakhk" has a decisive role owing to the population's all-embracing assistance," is said in the statement. "Famous margin forces and criminal clans strive for keeping monopoly of presenting himself on behalf of Armenians of Javakhk and with their not responsible actions they create serious threat for the regional stablity," faction members mention, expressing hope that all the interested forces, particularly, the authorities of Armenia "will foster more clever attitude towards the mentioned forces' activity which may bring to destroying the regional stablity system and most seriously damage the Armenian-Georgian interstate relations."