Georgian Policy of Accented Anti-Armenian Nature for Past 100 Years
Organizations speaking on behalf of the people of Samtskhe-Javakheti region can be conditionally divided into two or even three groups, political scientist Hrazdan Madoyan stated in an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net . In his words, first group includes organizations created by Armenians in Javakhk itself. “Their differences refer to the tactical moves for struggle for their rights. However, they are united that the policy of Georgian central authorities within past 100 years and before was of accented anti-Armenian nature. It is aimed at expelling Armenians from the region, where they have lives for at least 3000 years, or changing the demographic situation to make Armenians minority without a right of vote. This group of organizations really reflects the opinion of the people,” Madoyan remarked.

The second group, in Madoyan's opinion, is composed of organizations functioning or registered in Armenia. “The authority of these is not large. These organizations avoid everything which can be interpreted as politics,” he said.

“The third group is represented by odious organizations or personalities like Georgian MP Van Bayburt, who serve not to Georgian authorities, but individual leaders. Tbilisi guides them and Javakhk has a respective attitude towards them,” Madoyan said. He also reminded of various Georgian organizations in Javakhk. “They are all extremely nationalist, they deny opportunity of cooperation with Armenian organizations and pursue the official court of “Javakhk without Armenians.” Past year owing to the launching of the plan of Turkization of Javakhk, activation of Turkish organizations is noticeable in the region: leaflets threatening Armenians are spread, which may also be provocation of Georgian special services,” Madoyan underscored.