Russian military bases would be withdrawn from Georgia sooner or later, political scientist Hrazdan Madoyan stated in an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net . In his words, an event took place, which made null and void Russia's policy since almost Peter the Great: Russia withdrew from the Caucasus. “All roads are open to panturanism. The base in Armenia is important to us, it solves a tactical, not strategic task. Upon Turkization of Javakhk – a thing Turkey has worked for always and to which Georgia suicidally contributes – Turks will restore the Turkish zone from Anatolia to Azerbaijan. Armenia becomes a secure enclave, fully dependent on the will and desires of Turkey. Thus we say that Javakhk is a matter of life to Armenia,” he remarked.

Madoyan underscored that Armenians of Javakhk are not unprotected. “The population of the region can protect itself. Another matter is that it will ricochet Armenia, which will be involved in a conflict as in 1988. Meeting Javakhk demands is the only way out of the crisis today: making all Armenian regions and villages a joint administrative unit, providing it administrative autonomy, refusal of central authorities to change the demographic situation, free communication with Armenia,” the political scientist said.

Madoyan is also sure that Kars-Akhalkalaki-Baku project will be implemented in case Armenians do not excite a rebellion – not necessarily an armed one. “If they do not rise, it will be the end of Javakhk,” he stated.