14 June 06

Generally associations of compatriots should not become involved in politics, but the circumstances are a little different, said the chair of Javakhk Association Shirak Torosyan June 14 at the Pastark Club. The circumstance is naturally the same association led by him, because there is an issue of Javakheti. Therefore Javakhk Association is not free from politics. Moreover, its chair is a member of the Hzor Hayrenik Party. Hence, in the parliamentary election 2007 Shirak Torosyan and his political party can rely on the support of about 300 thousand Javakheti Armenians living in Armenia, especially considering the anxiety of the Armenians of Javakheti that the lawmakers of Armenia have never raised the question of Javakheti.

The leader of Javakhk Association does not hide that the members of their association want Hzor Hayrenik to represent the interests of Javakheti in the next parliament. This political party is distinguished by its moderate stance on the issue of Javakheti and is really aware of its problems, because the leaders of the party come from Javakheti. It is evident, however, that Hzor Hayrenik is one of the few political parties which try to take up the issue of the Javakheti Armenians. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation has been the most active political party so far. The ARF is more active and also more radical. Dashnaktsutiun often sets forward the question of sovereignty, even independence. This is done even at the party leaders' level. We will get a full picture if we recall the point of view of an ARF leader about "the third front." Hence, the ARF can be the main opponent of Hzor Hayrenik for 300 thousand votes of Javakheti Armenians living in Armenia. Especially that these political parties have opposite visions for the settlement of the issue of Javakheti.

The evaluation of Dashnaktsutiun's approach given by Shirak Torosyan, the chair of Javakhk Association and a member of the Hzor Hayrenik Party, shows that competition will become more intensive. The evaluation is in the form of a question. "If they are concerned about the issue of Javakheti, why did they fail to raise it in the parliament?" asks Shirak Torosyan.