Press Releases of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia
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This is the list of appropriated Armenian churches
The Gallery also contains pictures of destroyed and vandalized Armenian cultural monuments

In Tbilisi

1) Karapet St. Gevorg, built 18th century
2) Blessed Virgin of Betlehem, built 13th century
3) St. Stepanos, built 18th century
4) St. Cross of Vera, built 1830
5) Blessed Virgin of Djugureti, built 19th century
6) St. Karapet, built 16th century
7) St. Gevorg Zorabashe, built 19th century

In the vicinity of of Tbilisi

8) St. Gevorg Teleti, built 18th century
9) St. Gevorg Shavnabad, 18th century
10) Blessed Virgin of Shindisi, 18the century
11) St. Gevorg of Tsekhneti village, 19th century
12) Blessed Virgin of Nakhshir Gora, 19 century
13) St. Gevorg of Lisi village, 19th century

In Kakheti region

14) St. Gevorg of Signakhi, 18th century
15) Blessed Virgin of Velitsikhe, 19th century
16) Blessed Virgin of Telavi, 18th century
17) Holy Trinity of Telavi

In Gori region

18) St. Gevorg of Tzegvi village, 19th century
19) Blessed Virgin of Akhalkalk, 19th century
20) Blessed Virgin of Doesi, 19th century
21) St. Gevorg of Bergu village, 19th century
22) Blessed Virgin of Zerti village, 18th century
23) St. Gevorg of Akhalgori town, 18th century

In Khashuri region

24) St. Grigor Illuminator of Surami, 18th century
25) Blessed Virgin of Vahga village, 19th century

In Kutaisi region

26) St. Gevorg of Kutaisi, 18th century
27) St. Gevorg of Marneuli, 19th century
28) Teleti Blessed Virign, 18th century
29) St. Gevorg of Mukhad village, 19th century

Armenian Churches, with uncertain fate

In Tbilisi

Norashen, built 15th century
St. Nshan, built 18th century
St. Minas, built 19th century
Mughnu St. Gevorg, built 14th century
Shamkoretsots Blessed Virgin, built 19th century
Karmir Avetaran

In Akhaltsikhe

St. Nshan, built 19th century

Armenian cemetery Vera in Tbilisi


Armenian cemetery of Dusheti




Monasterial complex of Gremi



Armenian built church Uspenia in Ananuri




The Caucasus Museum