Georgia, Region Javakhk 90% Armenian populated, village Phoka, October 2004






"ANCESTRAL STONES" was shown at the 3rd Annual Golden Apricot Festival in Yerevan from July 10-15 in the competition "Armenian Panorama - documentary".

"Ancestral Stones" was filmed by Jeghische Gevorkian in 2004/2005 in Georgia and tells the story of the "genocide" of Armenian cultural heritage on Georgian territory, of lies and the falsification of history.

It is based solely on interviews, on life's circumstances and the hidden face of reality. It does not pretend to be a scientific study on history, it rather shows the people who fight for their cultural and ethnic identity as well as those who give up.

It shows ethnic Georgians engaged in the falsification of history and vandalism. It shows a new Anti-Armenian hysteria, which started after Georgia's independence from the Soviet-Union, which is just the prolongation of a historic armeno-phobia and is well implemented by the new pro-American government under President Saakashvili under the cover of a democratic discourse.

Since the independence of Georgia, 45 Armenian churches, 6 Catholic churches all over the country and, just in Tbilisi, 5 Russian churches were appropriated by Georgian orthodox believers. All these appropriations were followed by the destruction of Armenian, Catholic and Russian religious symbols. The film investigates the why and how by letting all parties involved have their word.

You will be taken to Javakhk, a region in Georgia inhabited by a majority of ethnic Armenians, where an artifcial and governmentally backed change in the demographic composition is under way. Along a with difficult economic and social situation it makes the future of this Armenian population more than uncertain.



Jeghische Gevorkian was born 1968 in Yerevan, he studied directing in Yerevan at the Faculty of culture under Albert Mkrtchyan and scriptwriting under Valentin Iejov at the VGIK in Moscow, where he graduated in 1993. He is author of about twenty theatre plays and scripts and several documentary films.

Many of his plays and scripts have been translated into German, French and English.

He has lived and worked in Russia, France, the USA, Canada, Georgia, Austria and Kazakhstan.

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